Revolutionize the way you process your audio.

Say goodbye to tedious audio processing tasks.
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Save time and effort with batch processing.

Don’t waste hours processing audio files one by one!
Our cutting-edge batch-processing technology allows you to process multiple audio files simultaneously, freeing up your valuable time and effort for more important tasks.

Transform a $100 microphone into a $9000 one.

With our revolutionary LAVA processing you can elevate your audio quality like never before! Choose from a wide selection of premium microphones in one click.

Stay in the know with real-time monitoring and email notifications.

With our real-time monitoring and email notifications, you can keep an eye on your audio files while focusing on other essential tasks. No need to worry about whether your audio processing is complete – we’ll send you an email notification once it’s done!

Simplify your workflow with dashboard access.

Our user-friendly dashboard lets you easily manage your audio processing tasks. View the status of all your audio files in one place!

Instant access to your processed files.

Say goodbye to the hassle of waiting for your audio files to download! With our direct download, you can access your processed files immediately and get back to work.


you can choose the microphone you have always wanted to process your audio, in just one click.

Using our Cloud Processing tool is simple and straightforward!

  1. Upload your audio file(s);
  2. Select the mic you desire, whether it’s the one you used previously or a new one;
  3. Start the processing task and let our powerful technology do the rest.

Whether you’re in the podcasting, broadcasting, or music industry, or want to enhance your videos’ audio quality, Acustica Cloud has got you covered!

Don’t let audio processing hold you back any longer – revolutionize the way you process audio now.

More processors will be added soon.